Pinchos English

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  1. Ham and cheese
  2. Croquette
  3. Squid
  4. Pepper
  5. Egg
  6. Mussel
  7. Prawn
  8. Poached Egg


  1. Cuttlefish
  2. Grilled prawns
  3. Cheese
  4. Iberian ham
  5. Homemade Chorizo (peppered pork sausage)
  6. Iberian Chorizo (peppered pork sausage)
  7. Iberian salami-type sausage
  8. Dry cured Iberian pork loin

“PINCHOS” (finger snacks)

  1. Pincho Pamplona Town Hall Award 2008 Cod confit topped with Cava flavoured scarlet shrimp
  2. Pincho Finalist 2006 Week of Tapas Kataifi of young lamb from Navarra
  3. Honorary Mention in the 2004 Week of Tapas Nest of Potatoes with Beltza mushrooms and Foie
  4. Honorary Mention in the 2003 Week of Tapas Crispy Iberian Pork Rinds in Peach Sauce
  5. Winning Tapa in the 2002 Week of Tapas Mille-feuille of Artichoke with Sirloin Steak and Foie gras
  6. Prize for the Best Combination of Tapas 2000 Sirloin Steak in Sweet-and-Sour Sauce with Bacon Coming soon: Asparagus, Green pepper and King prawn


  1. Cod al Pil Pil


  1. Brains lightly crumbed
  2. L’Escala anchovies
  3. Anchovies fried in light batter
  4. Anchovy fillet in olive oil
  5. Hake fried in light batter
  6. Cod al ajoarriero (stewed with garlic, onion and pepper)
  7. Lasagne of Beltza mushroom/pate
  8. Fresh grilled pate
  9. Russian salad
  10. Angler fish marine
  11. Sweetbreads
  12. Pig’s trotters
  13. Oxtail cannelloni
  14. Blood pudding
  15. Caramel Cheese
  16. Stuffed Zucchini
  17. Small spicy sardines
  18. Homemade meatballs
  19. Chard stalks stuffed with ham and cheese
  20. Anchovies typical of Cadiz
  21. Txistorra (Navarre sausage)


  1. Cockles
  2. Pod razor
  3. Mussels



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