Weekend menu and holidays

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  1. Seasonal vegetable cream with croutons
  2. Red beans made with vegetables
  3. Pasta of the day
  4. Seasonal legumes
  5. Crunchy chicken strips with home escalivade (roasted vegetables)
  6. Tempered salad with small squids and fried small hot peppers
  7. Cocktail of mushroom and wild mushrooms with poached egg

Main Courses

  1. Coated in breadcrumbs cod fillet with homemade piperade and cream of red peppers
  2. Grilled hake with citrus emulsion and fried seasonal vegetables
  3. Catch of the day (fish)
  4. Boneless pork hands in tomato sauce
  5. Iberian pig dam alumni to the rosemary with cream of chirivia
  6. Grilled lamb ribs with salad and potatoes
  7. Roasted suckling pork it’s jus and saldad (+3€)
  8. Chicken breast «Baviera» au gratin, red pesto, tomato and granna padano


  1. Roasted apple and cookie ice cream
  2. Chocolate coulant with mandarine ice cream
  3. Sorbet of the day
  4. Cuajada (sheep’s milk yoghurt) with honey and waldnuts
  5. Pineapple carpacio
  6. Custard fritter, a sweet cooked with milk, flour, sugar and cinnamon with chantilly

Included a bottle of water or  wine (menu) for two, or pitcher of beer heineken
Wine Viña Real Crianza +5€
The menu is subject to change since there everyday products purchased
Book on-line or phone +34 948 22 20 48


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