Sandwiches and dishes

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  1. Serrano ham
  2. Iberian ham
  3. Cooked ham
  4. Bacon
  5. Txistorra (Navarre sausage)
  6. Traditional chorizo (spicy dry pork sausage)
  7. Pork loin
  8. Veal fillet on baguette
  9. Grilled chicken breast
  10. Pork fillet
  11. Squid with mayonnaise

*May be served with cheese, red and green peppers, mayonnaise and tomato-garlic bread which will increase the price 1 euro per ingredient.

TORTILLA (Spanish omelette) SANDWICHES

  1. French omelette
  2. Ham omelette
  3. Cheese omelette
  4. Chistorra (Navarre sausage) omelette)
  5. Prawn omelette
  6. Tuna omelett
  7. Red pepper omelette
  8. Traditional chorizo (spicy dry pork sausage) omelette


  1. Cod stew with red peppers
  2. Beef stew
  3. Squid in ink
  4. Beef meatballs
  5. Tripe stew
  6. Stuffed peppers
  7. Giblets
  8. Rabbit stew
  9. Sweetbreads
  10. Hen with rice
  11. Anchovies fried in light batter
  12. Hake medallions fried in light batter
  13. Cod al Pil Pil
  14. Angler fish marine
  15. Tuna whith tomate sauce
  16. Veal tenderloin
  17. Lamb stew
  18. Oxtail cannelloni
  19. Oxtail
  20. Pig’s trotters
  21. Entrecot
  22. Turkey stew


  1. Paella
  2. Fideua
  3. Risotto


  1. Russian salad
  2. Fried calamari strips
  3. Spicy fried potatoes
  4. Chips
  5. Ham
  6. Cheese
  7. Iberian ham
  8.  “Piquillo” peppers
  9. Grilled prawns (dozen)
  10. Fried finger-snacks (croquette, ham and cheese, pepper, mussel, prawn and egg)


  1. Grilled chicken breast, fried eggs, chips and salad
  2. Steak, fried egg, chips and salad
  3. Beef fillet steak, two croquettes, chips and salad
  4. Escalope, fried egg, chips and Russian salad
  5. Stuffed peppers, calamari, chips and salad
  6. Hamburger, fried eggs, fried tomato and chips
  7. Fillet steak, salad, two croquettes and chips
  8. San Jacobo (ham and cheese fritter), two croquettes, fried egg and chips
  9. Fried egg; bacon, chistorra (Navarre sausage), chips and red peppers


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